About Vortex

Strap on your shoes and get ready for the ride of your life. You just entered the VORTEX: the new face of fitness.

Vortex is shaking up industry standards by bringing the best in boutique fitness. Our customizable cycling theater allow you to tailor your workout to reaching your goals, all while providing beats to get your heart pumping, inspirational instruction, and a community atmosphere. Ramp up your competitive edge in our VORTICITY Team Ride classes through a combination of cadence and resistance, or smash your way through exhilarating, full-body Rhythm rides. Whatever your choice, the VORTEX integrated sensory experience takes indoor cycling to the next level.

At VORTEX, we’re building a community and a lifestyle around the fitness journey. That’s why we have built a relationship with with partners that is based on trust and integrity. Connecting with the community while enjoying spectacular terrace views is a luxury you’ll only find at VORTEX--we are the first indoor cycling gym to offer this unique experience. So, fuel up with a locally-roasted coffee or an Acai Smoothie Bowl, take in the stunning city views, and get ready to ride.



45-minutes of pure beats hitting your body. Feel the music through the ride and leave everything outside the studio. You will feel the bass hit your body and the energy that your rockstar will provide will make you forget your troubles and bring you to Zen.



Numbers don't lie, which is exactly why tracking your bike's metrics is a surefire way to guarantee you're getting the most out of each ride. With this technology, you can know exactly how hard you're pushing your limits and chart how much you improve with each session--all with the goal of setting and achieving concrete goals. Your personal metrics are visible only to you, while the teams' overall scores are projected in the studio. These features will push you to dig deep and shatter your latest record, not only for yourself but for your teammates.

Its about the GAME

Whether you come alone or with friends, VORTICITY's team dynamic makes sure to keep your head in the game. Riders are arranged into three teams that compete in a light-hearted but heart-pounding 45-minute race designed to motivate, support, and hold each rider accountable, without ever singling you out. Get your team's game plan ready and put your game face on for this ride!

Its about the TEAM

Realtime projections of your team’s FLOW POINTS build throughout class--the harder you ride, the higher the points rise. Our scoreboard technology displays how your team stacks up next to the competition, giving you the extra motivation to dig deep and take it up a notch for team victory. We know that when you work for your team, you work harder. And when you work harder, you see results.

Its about YOU

VORTICITY brings the latest in training techniques, technology, and good old fashioned fun to your workout. This high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout includes sprints, hills, and upper body exercises to help you reach your fitness goals, all while having a good time and building community. This incredible full-body workout is designed for all levels--we can't wait to see you there!

The Studio

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, Vortex is an upscale studio with a down low attitude. Our friendly front desk staff thrives on making your life happier, and we offer complimentary cycling shoes, digital lockers with USB charging ports, and generous social spaces to meet new friends.

Our cycling theater fuses energy and emotion with awe-inspiring theater illumination, crystal-clear sound and custom-built Stages indoor cycles. The choice is yours: track progress with onboard computers that measure power and speed or get lost in the music and flip off the mental switch. Enjoy a refreshing shower after the ride in luxurious locker rooms stocked with fresh fluffy towels and vegan-friendly shampoo and body wash by Intelligent Nutrients.

PARKING: We have FREE parking in Mall garages accross the street (Lord and Taylors).